Friday, May 4, 2012

5 on Friday

Thinking about my health & activity (or lack there of) also has me thinking about my hydration.  I am terrified of a repeat event of last July's ER visit so I try really hard to stay on top of it.  SO this 5 on Friday is about drinks.. some healthy some not so much ;)

  1. my water of choice:  we have 5 gallon jugs delivered in the summer & fall-spring I take the empty one to the local grocery store & exchange it for a full one. We rent a warm/cold cooler dispenser from them & love it.  I would like to cut the monthly expense but would have to get used to drinking filtered water.....
  2. our nearest gas station/convenience store is Casey's & whenever I am given the opportunity to stop, I pick up a cappuccino.  White Chocolate Caramel to be exact. YUMMMMMMMMM I have even gone so far as to only drink 1/2 in the evening & refrigerate the rest for warming up in the morning to be cheap frugal. 
  4. Sun Tea! I know its not hydrating in the least but its a nice fresh break from water & all other things in the summer.
  5. Orange juice.  I have an (immature) issue w/floaties in my juice so I have to always buy 'pulp free' kinds.  I also try to get 'not from concentrate' as I heard once in a training that that is the best kind for kids, the most natural, & there are few of them.  Simply Orange is our favorite & I get giddy when its on sale & especially giddy if I have a coupon to stack w/it.
  6. Coffee.  when in a pinch & needing a quick boost, I will make a cup of instant coffee (originally bought for the mocha recipe but I have been lazy & haven't mixed it up lately).  with making it only a cup at a time, I tend to drink a lot less! if I have a full pot on the stove, I will drink it all in one day, I reallllllllly don't need that much caffeine!! ;)
what are your beverages of choice right now?

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