Tuesday, May 8, 2012

a doggie door

Once I found out there was a way to get a doggie door for our sliding glass door, I was on a mission to then find one we could afford.  When we found out we were getting tax return back this year, it got bumped to the top of the list & Tim started researching also.  The places I found that were local-ish, made in the USA, & boasted a good bug guard online, had all gone out of business or no longer carried what we needed-go figure.  So we went with the best site Tim found, their mid-grade door.  When it arrived it felt like Christmas to me!  I think the fed-ex man thought I had lost my mind as I was truely jumping up & down clapping my hands after I read the box LOL  this ~~~~~~~> is the pic I sent to Tim & other friends via text as soonas I got it up the stairs :)

That night I had to work at Pizza Hut & fully expected Tim to wait until the following evening when I'd be home to help.  But when I got home after 10 that night, this <~~~~~~~~ is what I found in the dining room.  it is so rad! I have no idea how we lived with out it! No more worrying about not getting him to the door in time, or needing to be home in time from an outing.  Sam even loves it!

view from the outside<~~~~~~~~~~~~  Honey the cat isn't quite determined enough to put enough pressure to try it but he will dart the opposite way Sam is going while Sam has it open, pretty clever, I'd say.  It has taken a couple of weeks to get used to the sound it makes as it swings & crosses the magnet & remind myself of what it is when I hear it.  It is quickly becoming like the sound of the sump pump, a sound of security. 
We just need to beef up the weather stripping before the bugs get much worse, then we will be all set!  its so funny how the definition of happy changes with age :)
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