Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Holy Cow this year is FLYING! 

May already?!  sheesh!! that means school is almost out & summer is on its way! and THAT means its about to get CRAZY BUSY around here! Just the way I like it. :D big cheesy grin

Thinking I need to follow Elise's lead & start making some monthly goals.  Both professionally & personally.  My problem is that I tend to 'shoot too high' & over do the list then feel a big let down at the end when its not complete.  SO I will limit myself to 8 total.  1 goal per category per week even tho some weeks I will do both goals plus one and other weeks I might not achieve any & some goals may have several baby steps to them. I need to teach myself to be OK with less than perfection.... that in itself should be a goal ;)

OK, so...

 May Professional Goals:
1. send for the application for renewing my CDA
2. send out feelers gauging interest for a childcare provider 'group'
3. finalize Friday Funday list (thanks for the name Stacey!)
4. bake cornbread muffins

May Personal Goals:
1. plant garden
2. run at least once each week
3. find dress+accessories for June wedding
4. finalize plans for wedding rehearsal dinner I am hosting in June

must sign off as its killing me to not add other dreams & goals to the lists, reminding myself that I have 7 more months to the year to have goals for.

THERE... we'll see how that works for the first month, see if its too lenient or too stringent... wish me luck & feel free to keep me on task if I haven't reported in a while...  

What are some of your goals for the month? do you set official goals? year long resolutions?

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