Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I gave

On Friday April 6th (I believe) I did something I have been meaning to do for a long time.  I have occassionally seen the fliers or ad in the paper but the hours aren't usually something I can accomodate, or its too short notice, you know, lots of good reasons excuses.  Well, with the winter we had, losing Philip, seeing lots of community members lose loved ones and many thru trials & tribulations, I decided, no more excuses! I saw some one post on Facebook that she had just made her appointment & that she was going.  So I got the number from her & w/lots of encouragement from another girl, I made my first appointment.  I was so nervous! Would I chicken out, would I faint, woudl I have a bad reaction?
That's right, I finally went & dontated blood! I followed all of their advise, I ate well, focused on staying hydrated a couple of days before (especially after my little dydration issue in July), talked a little about it w/the bigs & I went.  I was thankful to be one of the last for the day, so I didn't feel rushed or didn't feel them rushing, it was really relaxed.  when it was my turn in the chair they discussed how tiny my veins were.  :( I started to get worried that I had gone to all of this grouble only to be sent away w/tiny veins.  But seeing my interst & concern, they nurses swapped out & an experienced one stepped up to 'try me'.  She found this one -the same one they had the IV in back in July & decided to try it, marked w/a sharpie & told me not to move.  She stuck me dead on the first poke! it flowed really fast the first little bit then when it was switched over to the big bag (they make sure you can fill a little one first), it stopped so some adjusting of the needle under the skin a couple of times & we were good to go!  I pumped that little metro bus for the duration of the bleeding to be sure it didn't stop again.  I was determined to donate enough to be used. 

Here is my arm the next day.  It never did bruise or be very sore.  3 days later I think I carried someting on that spot not thinking about it & made it a bit tender when I bent it, but nothing to make me regret it or to prevent my return trip!
A few days ago, I got my card from them w/my blood type, name & bday on it! So proud!! I have a littel scan card I can put on my keys as well as a nice heavy card to put in my purse.  Still pretty stoked about it all! 

If you are local & interested, visit www.lifeservebloodcenter.org ! I am glad I did!
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