Monday, April 30, 2012


oh consistency, why can't we seem to get along these days?  LOL  I go all gung-ho on the blog for a week or 2 & then I go MIA for the next 2... oops.  My apologies!

This past weekend was not as planned but one of those dreamy terrifically balanced between productivity & relaxation.

 Friday night we had planned to go out but decided to just stay home & make due with what was in the fridge & cupboards & thanks to my recent couponing, there was plenty to chose from.  Saturday I had the pleasure of coffee & brunch w/a high school friend. Ab-so-lutely just what the doctor ordered! always a good time. great conversation, relaxation, wonderful coffee, no expectations. From there I met Tim for impromptu lunch out @ our local Mexican restaurant & then I went grocery shopping.  the rest of the day was wonderfully relaxing @ home! We watched a couple of movies-which we have decided we are really hard to please in this department because we are rarely as impressed as the 'reviews'. That said, The Sitter was an updated version of Adventures in Babysitting from our era, in my opinion & the Tooth Fairy 2 that was supposed to be hilarious was cute. Neither of them *I* think are child appropriate DEFINITELY not The Sitter but Tooth Fairy 2 might be OK for the older ones..  Sunday morning we woke to the sound of one of the neighbors mowing.  thinking for sure I had slept in a bit I rolled over to see the clock say only 8:15.  WHAT THE WHAT?! ugh.  Quickly realizing I couldn't fight it,  I attacked the kitchen, dining & living rooms while Tim was mowing the other property & cutting up some chunks of apple wood for smoking our prime rib roast for supper.  I was pretty proud of the amount of work I was able to accomplish w/some serious tunes in such a short amount of time! Isn't that how it always goes tho? things we put off because we dont' have time right now, end up taking next to no time to complete.  So when I was happy with my completion, I rewarded myself w/some scrapping time!   I worked the rest of the day & evening on a 2 page spread about 5 of my cousins.  Seems that scrapping photos of family members has taken on a whole new meaning to me since we lost my brother in December.  I am now a lot more worried about keeping the pages about the photos & less about the decoration, more about the heart felt journaling & message than the clever title & its all in general a lot more important to me now.   (GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA frustrated scream - cannot get a photo of a layout to load & move to this spot)

My favorite parts? brunch out w/a girl friend, our predictable smoked Sunday meal & reserved Sunday Scrapping time.  How was your weekend? tell me your 3 favorite things!

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