Friday, May 18, 2012

5 on Friday

the whirlwind weekend was followed by a like-minded week! whew this weekend looks to be more of the same. So today's 5 is going to be a Friday Phone Dump post full of gratefull-ness.

1. PROVIDER APPRECIATION DAY: Last Friday was provider appreciation day & I have some of the best parents. Only one that knew it was that day. here's what she sent w/her little guy!! For future reference, its always the Friday before Mother's Day. Grateful for the people who think of the little things that mean so much!!

2.  ANNIVERSARY: With a photo shoot the next morning, I had a cousin do french tips on my nails. Love them!!  too bad I am so rough on my nails that they are already chipped & nasty looking!  Then I knew which shirt I was wearing as I had bought this purple & white one just for the occassion, next I had shoes & jewelry to decide on.  Here are the photos & questions I sent to my (much younger) fashionistas in a mini-panic Saturday morning:  a) with the belt or without? 
b)  short & chunky or long & sparkley? (necklaces)
Grateful for a wonderful husband of 15 years as well as enough means to have to decide on jewelry.
Flowers for our anniversary (5/3) -the reason for the photo shoot.  He really rocks the fresh flowers lately!!  these he took the time & energy to pick out blue & purple so they were our wedding colors *swoon*  Grateful for his thoughtfulness!
3. ENGAGEMENT: I already blogged a bit  about it on Monday when it was fresh in my heart, but to recap: I was blessed to do an engagement shoot on Saturday evening with friends that refreshed my love for the camera.  Grateful for great friends who did more for my heart than they realize.

 4.  TROPHIES: remember the hog hunt we went on back in February in Oklahoma? hmmmm maybe I haven't blogged it yet since I can't find a post... note to self: blog hog hunt. Anyyyyy wayyyyyy the trophies were done Wednesday so Tim buzzed up & picked them up from the taxidermist.  Pretty cool that we got 2 trophies (plus meat) from one kill.  The head went right on the wall by the antler rack & the skull (european mount) went on my display shelf at the top of the stairs, which in turn meant it was time to switch up the decor there!  I had threaded this empty frame w/twine one evening last week w/o a plan of where to use it.   When the skull went on the shelf I immediately clicked into knowing the photos needed to be displayed on the frame w/the skull! Grateful for the means to get to take trips & share in his love of a sport.

5. CHANGING SEASONS: the back yard is coming alive! I love watching theings change year to year & see what blooms & when  here is a pic of one of the yucca plants getting ready to bloom.

the warmer temps & more sunshine means we are spending more & more time out in the yard.  here is a super cute shot I caught on Wednesday.  Grateful that every day is different!
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