Monday, May 21, 2012

another one

yet another busy weekend for the books!!

Friday night was the normal groceries & bumming around.

Saturday I met my coffee girl friends at the Des Moines Downtown Farmer's Market YAY! we also met another friend w/her fiance while shopping so it was a major catch up session all the way around! so fun!!  I did some of my normal shopping (lettuce mix, radishes, chevre, & garden plants) in addition to our coffee stop @ Java Joe's as well as making more contacts for the rehearsal dinner I am helping to host in June.  (I am doing the food & keeping it as close to local as possible, Mom is doing the photo display & I am going to ask Grandma if she would do fresh flower arrangements for the tables from her garden) Then I took a nap in prep for the itty bitty visitor we were expecting overnight.  My brother & his fiance were both in a wedding that evening & their day sitter couldn't watch him past 9 so we met her & got the lil man for the evening.  So easy going & fun for 4 months old! We took him with us to some friends' house where we sat on the deck chatting until late into the night (where he slept most of the time) so then when we got home, he was awake & hungry.  after a couple of trial runs in the play pen, he & I decided to snuggle on the couch to catch some zzzz's for the both of us.  3.5 hours was welcome!

After returning him to his parents on Sunday& loading the pickup box 1/2 full of campfire wood, I needed a nap! Then I planted the 4 plants I bought at the farmer's market, sorted thru the camping kitchen tote, unloaded the weight room (where we store everything) & by the time I was done, it appeared that the camping department store had thrown up in the house! a cooler was moved to the deck to air out, the picnic baskets to the dining room to start packing, the kitchen tote & boat bag to the living room where there was more room to check its inventory, the bedding in the hallway, our bags in the bedroom floor & the tent & tarp in the doorway of the weight room. *whew* I very quickly did some serious organizational damage to the house. but every situation gets worse before it gets better, right? After wreaking havoc on the house, I decided I needed a break so I plopped on the couch & started reading the 5 Love Languages & am hooked! He had me nodding along at just the preface! I think this will help any relationship. Later in the evening while I watched Jesse Stone I packed my bag of clothes for the camping weekend & sorted thru the boat bag to be sure it was fully equipped with the towels, sunscreen & water socks we would need on the boat.  I was definitely ready for bed when it rolled around!

What a great weekend! pretty well balanced with naps & activities.  Really looking forward to our long weekend at the lake!
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