Monday, May 14, 2012


what a whirlwind weekend! but it was!!

Friday night my cousin did french tips on my nails for our pictures we had scheduled for Saturday morning, then I did the normal grocery shopping too.

Saturday morning we had out photos taken.  First time in 15 years.  We went with what felt natural, the local photographer who did both of our senior portraits, engagement & wedding as well. Where else would we go? Love her, love her style & love her openness to suggestions.  (will post as soon as I have images to link to!)  then we did a little gardening, I didn't want plants from the store, I wanted heirloom organic plants from a grower I got to know last year, but Tim was in the mood to help so we did peppers, cukes & corn then took naps.  Saturday evening I had an appointment to shoot engagement photos for some friends of ours getting married in July.   then they took us out to eat as payment & we all went to the Eagle's for a couple of drinks after.

Sunday we slept in! then took Tim's Mom out to lunch @ our favorite local Mexican restaurant! it was a good time & great food.  then home to edit the engagement photos & squeeze a nap in before I headed off to my cousin's graduation reception.  That was a good time too.  I got to see my lil hearts (my nieces & nephews), grandparents, sisters-in-law, aunts, uncles & cousins! OH & almost made myself sick eating cream cheese mints.. oh how I love them!!! mmmmmmmmmm I got home to steaks & baked potatoes on the grill YUMMMMM so much food in one day!! then I got to take the CD of engagement photos to them! EEEEEEEEEEEE! I was too excited to wait.  They seemed pleased.  That's all I can ever hope for.  I keep thanking them for the opportunity to pick up my camera again.  Its been a long lost friend here lately but I am renewed in my attachment to it :)

What a fun whirlwind of friends, family & treasures this weekend was!! How was your weekend??
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