Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What Makes Me Happy Today

1. Surprise gifts from friends, I cannot wait to get this hung on my wall!  Also, the bag of supplies for impromptu banana splits, homemade pizzas, memorial stones,,, I have some pretty amazing friends!!
2. Thoughtful acts of kindness.  Tim straightened & put a cemented plastic 'sleeve' in the ground for my clothesline, tilled the garden again, & filled our sandboxes w/200# of play sand while I was working my last Monday night at my part time gig! What a Guy!!
3. A room full of sleeping littles, because it means we finally got adequate fresh air, physical movement & outside time this morning to exhaust their seemingly endless supply of energy.
4. Laundry on the line! Oh this is my favorite thing this time of year, getting to hang the laundry out. I think I wrote about it last year.  I love the physical-ness of it, the bending, lifting, stretching, puzzle piecing to get it all to fit sometimes,  & then the smell of everything is like my reward. *contented sigh*
5. The new phone w/internet that I resisted for so long.  I love being able to sit in the yard or at the park & be able to read blogs, view my photos on Kodak, keep up w/email or play words w/friends while listening to the littles play.  Even if I only got it because I accidentally dropped then drove over my beloved blackberry (that I had only owned since December) & Tim didn't give me a choice in what I was getting next, he was upgrading me to a touch screen.
6. Attacking the to-do list from last year.  Sadly it seems to take us a year to realize something REALLY DOES need done.  Examples: the clothesline stood at varying degrees of a tilt all of last year & this spring b/c the ground was so soft + the wet laundry so heavy= it leaned, we have sand in the sandboxes that have been empty since we moved here in '07, I am cleaning closets-selling things (mostly things I had intended to hang on the walls but have since changed my mind) on facebook swap site, now, can't wait to see what's next! one of those things from my Twelve in '12 list?
7. Blogging!!!! What a relief to be back! Now, to learn how to transfer photos from the phone to the computer to post or learn to post from phone. but either way, means MORE PHOTOS to be taken!!

I can get so carried away making lists!  What fun this was to make a list of what's making me happy today!  I do believe its safe to say I. Am. Back!
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