Tuesday, April 10, 2012


our first extended family holiday w/o him.  he sure was missed! but life must go on & we must remember that he's with us even tho we can't see him.  His family:
 my aunt & cousins
love this young family of cousins!
We have our Easter dinner at noon on Easter Sunday at my mom's house.  Most of our extended family dinners are there as she has the most room.   We started this year with family pictures out on the deck in the sunshine then we ATE, & ate & ate...... then while the kids were running on the deck (its the full length of the back of the house) the big cousins, Jeff & I went out front & hid eggs & baskets for the little cousin/niece & nephews.  Who knew hiding them could be as much fun as finding them?? we had a blast!! who could find the most creative places, whose would be the first or last to be found, who spent the most time getting one 'perfectly' hidden.... loved it!!

a few of our creative hiding places:

& couple of my favorite people deep in conversationthen taking naps...
after the hunt, we all went back inside, some left but the ones that stayed had a little sweet snack & then just really hung out, lots of conversation, a little snoring but oh so sweet catching up!!! Pretty sure this was my favorite part of the whole day!

How was your Easter?
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