Sunday, April 8, 2012

Twelve in '12 -update

So inspired this past year by Elise's determination to complete a list of DIYs I was considering some smaller scale versions of her projects. Then today I read her wrap up post of her completed accomplishments, I am determined to give it a shot! I am going w/a much smaller number of much simpler items as I am a total beginner in the DIY ring.

my Twelve in '12 list: (to be completed in no set order)

  1. driftwood wreath-very much like hers, to hang in our entryway in the deadspace over the stairs --started collecting!
  2. sew a dress
  3. alter XL tshirt to a Medium, fitted, wearable tshirt
  4. change bedroom curtains-maybe sew, maybe paint, but definately change -- done, found some used ones on the facebook swap site
  5. change shower curtain-again, maybe sew, maybe embellish, but definately change
  6. recover the childcare dining chairs- 2 different styles=2 different plans-of-action
  7. refinish upstairs dining table & chairs- repair as needed, sand, stain & varnish
  8. hang rescue mirrors-3 in total, all need some type of repair/paint/edit then hung
  9. find + change floor lamp to fit living room-need some type of lamp behind the couch
  10. build raised garden for corner of yard- have a couple of ideas pinned on pinterest
  11. make pillows for childcare
  12. create a stash of greeting cards to keep on hand-really feeling the joy of getting real paper mail these days & hope to share that feeling
Feels great to be able to check one off & have a start on a second! several I see now involve the sewing machine, time to tackle that fear!
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