Monday, October 31, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

b- pancakes, oatmeal (twice), granola w/milk, cinnamon rolls
am snack-no bake cookies, banana muffins, granola w/milk, homemade bread+jelly, cottage cheese+veggies
L- pancakes+eggs+applesauce+fried potatoes, chicken +noodles+mashed potatoes+broccoli, ground beef+pasta+veggie tray+grapes, ground beef+homemade bread/butter+fried potatoes+grapes, tuna+homemade bread+mashed potatoes+veggie tray
pm snack- pizza rolls, veggie tray, banana muffins, homemade bread +honey, cinnamon rolls+homemade cocoa

Supper tomorrow night-the only night I will be home to eat-I have no idea but have lots of options in the freezer!!

we are going to try to make it thru the week w/only a gallon of milk bought for each upstairs & one for childcare. if we pull it off, it wll be the cheapest grocery week ever ;)
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