Friday, October 28, 2011

5 on Friday

today: 5 photos of our pumpkin carving session from this morning!
When it came time to clean out the giant pumpkin this morning, the ones that were the most excited about it yesterday, skipped it today. but we still had enough to get it done.  I decided that since the pumpkin was on the front step & it was nice out, we'd just go to it & do the messiness in the front yard.

 it was even so warm, we quickly shed our jackets!
then we called everyone over for a group shot of the masterpiece.
 this one is minus the fussies & w/Sam (which they thought was hillarious. :)

and a bonus shot of all the pumpkins/ornamental gourds we grew in the back yard this summer!!

have a great halloween weekend!!
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