Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

wagon ride thru the country at sunset?! sign me up!!!
 What a blast this was!!!
 these are my 5 neices/nephews (so far-expecting another in January) they are my loves!!!
I truely had no idea I could love achild w/the fierceness I do for them.

Grandma said 'this will probably be the quietest we will ever see this group. they were perfectly behaved, well mannered little people the whole 4 mile ride!!

um yea, would you guess these 2 aren't blood related?!

gma, mom, Eli (on the phone, seriously??! lol)

Tim was thrilled to be along -ha!  he ws there for the chili supper to follow.  but he was hanging out in a tshirt & mom had 4 layers on :)

this shot needs some color balance to see the clouds/sunset appropriately!

& in the final stretch they finally understood why Great Gma had the blankets!

gma/gpa, brother Philip

When gma started playing the piano all the kids gathered around! so fun to see her share it w/another generation! I remember being right there on the floor once!!
Today I am thankful for Family!! My brother's cancer is growing, attacking the nerves in his brain that control the right arm, leg & hand.  He has no grip, can't move the arm Or control the leg. he walks w/an obvious limp as he throws that leg to the side to walk on it.  I am thankful we get to keep him for a while longer & that his children & wife get more time w/him as well. I am so thankful & grateful that they invited us into their chaotic & unsettled home so soon-a mere 2 days-after the doctor visit that explained these symptoms to them.  Love your family, tell them you love them & appreciate every day you have with them!
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