Friday, November 4, 2011

five on Friday

5 things that made me happy this week:

  1. a super fun bargain shopping expedition: took 2 littles + my handful of coupons to the store that offers a one day text/coupon special. ended up w/$14.98 worth of groceries for 9.88. by far the biggest percentage off I have ever scored! Free kitty litter (sale stacked w/coupon)+canned soup for Tim's lunch/suppers minus coupon+.99 12 pack of pop= 5.10 savings :)  I have done a much larger shopping trip & saved $10 before but never this much of a percentage.
  2. remember me talking about rescuing a boatload of tomatoes from a predicted frost? this is what we brough in the house:
 & I have been slowly
working my way thru them... made some salsa, eaten some fresh, then had to take a break from them.  Early this week they started leaking on the floor. Yea, YUCK.  So I cleaned, sliced, halved & tossed some in my 6 qt crockpot & turned them on low for a whole day.  Tuesday evening, we had a bye from darts so I canned them.  2 quarts+6 half pints (jelly jars) full of stewed tomatoes :)  unfortunately (or fortunately I will be thinking in later months) that didn't even put a dent in our supply.  So today I started in again! I filled another 6qt crockpot & turned it on, that wasn't the bottomof the yellow milk crate so I proceeded to sort red vs green (ones that needed immediate attention vs those that could wait a bit longer) into bowls - ice cream bucket + 4 cup bowl & the milk crate is empty. the white strainer remains untouched but the basket in the middle of the pic, it was leaking too... so it got sorted.. I lost count, I think I have 6 containers from it & it also got a shower. TOMATOES!!!!!!

3. I realized today out beef goes to the locker on Monday! that means we will have a freezer full of fresh beef again in 2 weeks! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS working up my list of cuts we want.

4. I had an interview w/a prospective childcare family this week. it was fun (albeit a bit stressful) to have that process over again but a good sign that all is not lost.

5. Looking forward to lots of family time! Attending my soon to be new nephew's baby shower tomorrow afternoon after spending the morning w/my mom & hosting lunch here @ my house w/her & my aunt!

What made you happy this week???
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