Monday, October 10, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

this week will be a lil crazy so no supper menus-Tim will just eat whatever he feels like & is good about it as I work m,w,f & have hunter safety course t,th.  But for childcare...

B-oatmeal, build your own burrito, pancakesx2, muffins, apples(farmer's market), homemade applesauce(yet to be made), fresh pears
L-hamburgerx2, chickenx2, tuna, homemade applesauce, apples, garden green beans from freezer, spagetti squash(surprise from our garden),  corn, garden pastax2, whole grain bread/butterx2, muffins, cottage cheese
SN-muffinsx2, homemade applesauce, apples+pb+raisins, pizza rolls, pb roll ups (pb+tortilla), apple juice (homemade) popciclesx2, pancakes, boiled eggs

What's on your menu this week? I hope to try some new things over the weekend but those are never planned menus.
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