Friday, October 7, 2011

5 on Friday

today: 5 things I have learned (or relearned) about working multiple jobs.

1. the older I am the tougher it is to manage the energy.  I have done this (worked several jobs simultaneously) 3 times in my life now-once in college for 3 semesters & then again a few years later.  It was much easier the past 2 times!  Making downtime a priority is different now.

2. shoes make all the difference! I am in desperate need of insoles at the very least for my day work & night work shoes. :)

3. I LOVE waiting tables :)  I am glad I was brave enough to try it again! Its not just the tips, its the rush, the 'taking care' of others, its the making their experience a good one & yea, OK it is the tips, but just a little ;)

4. I LOVE doing childcare :) being out evenings working w/& around adults has reminded me how important my day job IS for our future adults ;)

5. I am much better about getting what needs done around the house done during the day when I can knowing I am going to be gone working 4 nights/week now &  dart league the other. No more time for procrastination ;)  altho, I will give big kudos to the hubby for being supportive & helpful!!

the past 2 times I juggled varying jobs, tutoring college courses, college kitchen staff, vet clinic assistant & waiting tables(pizza hut) then waiting tablesx2 (pizza hut & bar/lounge) & fast foodx2 (Hardee's & Subway) the second time. This time its childcare & waiting tables x2 (Pizza hut & Eagles).  & I love it every time!! 

So tell me, how do you juggle the varying activities in your life?
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