Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Frugal Tip Tuesday

Fall is full of produce!  Pumpkins, Apples, Squash varieties, etc.  This past Saturday at the local farmer's market I bought a quart baggie of apple chips (dehydrated slices of honey crisp apples) for $3 & 15#+bushel of mixed (golden delicious & red delicious) apples for $20 less than .50/# if I do my math right.  I plan to make some crockpot applesauce & some apple pie filling both for the freezer as well as eating lots of apple snacks over the week!

the crockpot applesauce is as simple as can be! I tried it a couple of weeks ago when I got my first haul of apples from the farmer's market.  peel & slice or chop apples to likeness, put in crockpot w/water, add cinnamon stick(s) (instead of brown sugar for me) & turn on.  Seriously?! the peeling took the longest ;) going to try a peeler today but thinking it will be a frustrating mess since they aren't 'perfect' grocery store apples....

I cannot buy apples @ the grocery store for .50/# right now!  I was over the moon excited when I saw that I really did get a deal :)   I can't wait to have it in the freezer for later this winter!
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