Tuesday, September 13, 2011


this year's shift from summer to fall, summer routine to school routine, camping weekends to home weekends, this past few weeks has been a bit tougher on me than normal.  a few business things didn't go as planned, causing some other personal plans to fall through as well, when things don't go as planned, I tend to 'hibernate'.  I hide, I sleep alot, I quit blogging, texting, posting on facebook, etc.  I put on the happy face for work & when we have to go out in public; grocery shopping, working for Scrap Pink right now, Tuesday night dart league & now my part time job, but when I am home in the evenings I just sit & disconnect. 

after this past weekend's many reminders of 10 years ago,  I have kind of 'pulled myself up by my bootstraps' & decided to 'get back to it'. It=life. many people have not or can not, from that day, I can, should & will. things don't always go as planned, or as we like yet we need to move on, make the best of what we have been given & be thankful we have another day.

Saturday I had a very light version of the flu, tho achy & feverish I was thinkful for just the sniffles to accompany. Sunday I spent recovering; throwing in the housework when I could, cleaning the kitchen-in a couple of sessions, gathering laundry from the line tht had been out since Friday-don't judge ;) - checking on the garden, always returning to the couch & whatever movie Tim was watching at the time.

I am going to try to get back to some sort of blogging routine: menu Monday,  random Tuesday, recipe Wednesday, thankful Thursday & 5 on Friday with the occassional post on the weekend. 

to try to sum this entire post up into something productive, this shift in seasons has been a lil rough on me, but I plan on getting back on the ball.  Do you have a shift in the year that is rough on you?
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