Friday, September 16, 2011

5 on Friday

someone on Facebook the other day mentioned that "its nice to appreciate the warm things again" & that really rings true this week!!  Tho I am not ready for the cold of winter, fall I will take. 5 warm things I am enjoying or soon will:

1. coffee/hot tea/hot cocoa-ok hot drinks in general I love!!
2. layered clothes - long sleeved tshirts, hoodies, jeans, socks & shoes
3. oatmeal for breakfast, supper or bedtime snack
4. hot comfort foods- mashed potatoes, soups, grilled cheese/tomato soup combo, roast & veggies in the crockpot
5. the warm bedroom from our heated ceiling fan-even if the living room window is still open :)

short & sweet today.
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