Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Last week I highlighted a few things I am thankful for every day. Today I am going to continue the run of thankfulness, this time, random things around the house.
1. the free wood pile we pick from when getting ready to go camping.  It wasn't free to start w/. Tim worked some snow days w/a local tree trimmer & friend when he couldn't get to work to earn this wood for us to use for camping.

2.The bottle water delivery I am still able to justify in the budget.
This is one summer month's worth of drinking water.

3. the yard that gives us enough room, sun & shade for a small garden area.  I didnt' think it was possible & now that I have played w/it this year, I know next year will be bigger & better!  So far, we've picked 2 yellow cherry tomatoes & have 3 ornamental gords growing happily in the heat wave.

4. The clothesline! its not pretty to anyone but me.  Infact, Tim hates that it leans so much but it works for me.  maybe I'll let him cement it in the ground this fall, then again, maybe not, I'd love for him to cement a rod into the ground below the ground level that the pole can slip on to but doesn't stick up far enough to become an injury issue for the childcare yet will allow me to remove the clothesline for the winter.

5. Yes dirty laundry is a blessing to be thankful for! this pile shows that we have had a great weekend at the lake as well as a few work clothes from the Friday before.

What are you thankful for today?
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