Thursday, August 4, 2011

2 week list update

Last week I Had a mini-panic attack about what I needed to get done before starting a new baby in a couple of weeks. To calm myself, I made a master list of what needed done by then & have been doing really good @ working on it!  Here's what I have done so far this week:

*clean out pack & plays, fold down, carry outside to air out, hose down wouldn't hurt either
*deep clean nursery
*sort toys in play room
*deep clean play room
*deep clean kitchen/dining/bathroom
*get a couple of extra meal components in the freezer
*sort outside toys, discard all broken pieces I haven't yet
*apply pressure to get compost bin & rain barrel completed
*balance Jan-June income sheets done
*sort/organize Jan-June monthly paperwork
*hang curtains in playroom window
*finish painting dining room
*sand/paint/mount 'towel rack' for the kids individual hand towels to switch from paper towels
*make an accessable spot for the Fisher Price record player & records so we can use it during the day
*either find a new light bar for fish tank & get it running again, or clean & pack it up
*change light bulb in playroom
* shampoo nursery & playroom carpet

how are you doing on that list of yours?
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