Friday, August 26, 2011

5 on Friday.

ok, lets see so far I have covered; summer, scrapping, running, & summer tv.... hmmmm going to go w/the seasonal shift of summer into fall.
  1. Love the change in routine.  shortly after the 4th of July we are all getting ready for a new routine, new schedule, new goals.  School starts, the days get shorter, the long sleeved shirts & pants & socks w/tennis shoes come back out.
  2. Love the inbetween, fluctuating temps.  shorts & tanks one day, jeans & jackets the next.  cooler early morning & evening running temps! back to sleeping w/the windows open.
  3. Love the different produce.  whether at the farmer's market or home garden or grocery store, there is a noticable difference in produce availability.  canning, freezing & overal preserving & stocking for winter meals is happening.
  4. Like that camping/boating weekends make way for more scrapping or race weekends & eventually, more quiet weekends at home. variation is good.
  5. Love the sunshine! the curtains are open again to let the sunshine in as the heat of it isn't as strong.
I love each season for its qualities, but the changing from one to the other is also like another season all its own.  What do you look forward to this season of change?
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