Monday, April 18, 2011

A full weekend...

full of races... not sure I will schedule like that again but both were good causes I wanted to participate in so rather than picking, I just signed up for both :)

Saturday I was up & around early nervous as I hadn't prepared at all the night before. (I usually lay everything out in order of 'application' & pack my bag of other things to take) So I was bustling around making several trips back &forth in the hall as well as, up & down the stairs. Finally appropriately dressed & packed, off I went. Stopping @ Casey's for my prerace breakfast of champions -hehe- glazed donut & black coffee :D Knowing the area I was going to, I headed north. Luckily I arrived as others did b/c I had no idea where the visitor's center was & that's where the registration had been moved to because of the weather. Walking in I saw 4 friendly faces & I instantly felt a wave of nerves move off my shoulders. Checked in, paid my fee, & joined the girls in the other room. We did some nervous chatter & stretching waiting on start time & another friend to join us. (I LOVE THESE DRAMA FREE GIRLS!!!!) We soon moved outside & to the start line. After a brief welcome & thank you we were off. all 60+ of us :) nice little race to start the year. looping through camp grounds & parking lots it was a peaceful, lovely spring race UNTIL we got back out to the main road & realized it was ALL UP HILL & Head long into the wind to the finish line. YIKES!!!!! I was super pumped I had only taken a very quick walking break around the 2 mile mark & was determined to run the rest, even if it meant up the hill. UNTIL I got just over the half way point, I gave up and walked. I was really gasping for breath & couldnt for the life of me figure out where all the wind was going b/c it certainly wasn't entering my lungs. I walked the rest .1 to the finish line. high fived the kiddos cheering for us & got my picture taken by one of those lovely friends. We stood cheering for others as we recovered until the last participant crossed the line then we headed back inside for snacks. Coffee, fruit & donuts. HEAVEN. We sat & enjoyed race talk, tips & tricks and made plans for future races w/o pressures or drama *contented sigh* adult conversation. fabulousness. We parted ways w/a feeling of content & happiness. I headed to Target for new work out shirts I found out are on sale :) I have been running in OLD tank tops & normal tshirts but decided I have earned some real work out gear for the year I have put into this new hobby. When I finally got home I scarfed down 2 pieces of bacon cheeseburger pizza from Casey's & crashed. seriously how sad! runner's high-depleted. unofficial Osprey 5k race results: 35:28-still waiting on the official placings & such.

Sunday, Sammy decided he needed out @6:30 so we got up but just long enough for that lil trip. Luckily I had taken the time to set up my clothes & pack my bag the night before, this time, because 8 hours was not enough sleep even with the nap. I was seriously dragging around this morning. This time, I made it all the way to the van before I realized I had forgotten my water bottle in the fridge. :) Another stop @ Casey's for breakfast & I was on my way. The Garmin wouldn't find any shops in the area I knew the race was in, so I did a pretty good job of winging it. Parking was alot easier than I had anticipated, so off to the registration table. Got a super cool reusable shopping bag w/my soft new tshirt & number. Back to the van to put the bag & shirt away, take some Gu (energy supplement for athletes) w/lots of water chasers, reply to some texts that came in while I was driving up & burn some nervous energy for a few minutes. Then it was back out to the streets where I found a quiet side street in the sunshine to do some warm ups & stretching OH & people watch :) nervous chatter gets on my nerves so I vow to quit it myself after listening to random stranger chatter. WHAT A GREAT RUN! I had such a great run, I think thats the first time I have typed that, I had such a great run. The sun was shining, the wind was almost nothing compared to the day before, & the course was FLAT. I listened to random music on my mp3 player & the podrunner podcast came on just as I crossed the2 mile mark & it was perfect timing to kick it in. I was very proud of the energy I had left to use for that last 1.1 mile & finish strong. Official Earth Day in the Junction race results: 33:35. 80th over all out of 259 & 26th of 52 women in my 30-39 year age group. Very good race. After I received & chugged my new plastic water bottle full of ice cold water, ate 1/2 banana, found Tim, Lauren & Hupp we walked thru the booths. Then decided on The Tavern for lunch. HOLY MOLY was I hungry! :) arriving home, Sammy demanded some fetch time & I think it was probably a good stretching time for me before I crashed on the couch.

next race.. May 14
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