Thursday, March 17, 2011


Respect is one of the most important things to me.  Respect for possessions is necessary to keep what you have nice enough to last, but respect for other people is absolute.  I start teaching the little ones this as early as they understand 'its their turn, you can have it when they are finished', 'say you are sorry that you bumped him & made him fall down', wait your turn in line', 'wait for me to be done w/the current conversation before you start talking'. WOW I guess we do alot of waiting around here  ;) 

The reason for this post is that I attended a conference on Saturday for those of us in the Early Childhood field of work.. there were several employees from different centers & preschools there as well as a sprinkling of us home providers.  That in itself is a complete change from when I started going to conferences that were 90% home providers & 10% center or preschool staff.  The conference has less break out sessions=longer sessions but over all was GREAT.

The attendees, not so great. The opening speaker was a college professor & knew his stuff. However, he was a bit dry for a Saturday morning conference. The morning session I was in was a fun moving one however, girls sharing the table I was at, either didn't want to be there & were out to prove it, or were normally obnoxious. Whether I want to be there or not I refuse to drag everyone else down. I will sit quietly & dream about where I'd rather be. These girls were out right rude, loud & disrespectful to the presenters.

OK I have mulled this over long enough, the training was infact @ the beginning of the month & tho I am not over it, I am letting it go.

Today is Spring break day 1 w/a 66 degree forecast & 2 bags of cupcakes coming thru the door! THAT my friends, shapes us up into a wonderful day!! :)
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