Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I am ready.
Ready for spring!


Ready for fresh flowers in the yard, green grass, the smell of freshly mowed grass coming thru the open windows, the curtains fluttering in the breeze around said window, tending the new garden & then eating its produce, the farmer's market, & the lack of snow gear needed by the kids. 

I am ready to not need 2 shirts on every day, to not need hot tea in my hands each morning, to not be able to see my breath when I go outside, & to not crave big hardy meals every night. 

I am ready to be able to spend the 4 hours between breakfast & lunch outside, and then the 2 hours between snack & the end of the work day back out there again. 

I am ready to pack away the ice melt & boot trays from the entry way, I am ready to not need to mop that floor several times each day, I am ready to be soaking up some stinking sunshine, man! 

I am ready for camping weekends spent on the lake & gathered round the campfire in the evenings, I am ready to be able to smell the sunshine long after its set.
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