Monday, February 21, 2011

Freezer Meal Swap

Sorry no photos but a report is better than nothing :)

we held our first Freezer Meal Swap yesterday.  I have heard a friend of mine talk about her group of mama's that gets together & makes meals ahead together & they always rave of what they do & what they get. the thought of having a good part of a meal prepared & in my freezer makes me GIDDY! So I hosted our first swap.

I made 4 pans of homemade mac n cheese, we had 2 pans of goulash, 2 bags of pulled bbq pork w/buns, a lemon chicken w/rice, a pan(or 2) of crusty tilapia, 2 pans of cheesy potatoes, 1 ice cream pie, 1 bag of frittata, 5 pans of bbq meatballs, a bag each of homemade applesauce & fresh corn, 2 pans of manicotti, 1 pan of stuffed peppers, & a bag of pierogies to swap.  How fun but also how stressful to pick LOL Taking turns picking was so fun! I ended up w/a pan of peppers, tilapia, cheesy potatoes & meatballs. We had a pepper last night YUMMMMMM! I can't wait to hear how the rest of the meals went over @ home!

next month, I will take photos!! :)
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