Sunday, February 20, 2011

playing catch-up!

its been a while & I am blaming it on the lack of having my own laptop for a week.  It was a sad but quick death. It just decided not to wake up one morning after its nap while we fixed & had breakfast. I had a mini panic attack & then took a deep breath & remembered to be thankful that I had talked Tim into buying 'himself' one (read-a back up for me) a year ago when mine had been in the shop. So I spent the morning fussing w/the kids, playing around, reading way more books than normal & keeping the childcare much better picked up than normal when the laptop is up & running ;) funny how that works isn't it?  That weekend we took it to the store we bought it from to find out that the warranty had expired & that in order for them to accept it (to then ship it to their shop) I had to pay $50 up front. WHAT?! are you kidding me? forget it. so I walked out w/the computer protectively under my arm. :) Later in the afternoon we took it to a local lady that tore it apart & tested what she could in 20 minutes & couldn't find an answer so she'd take time Monday & get back to me.  When she called she had sad news, it was the motherboard @ her best diagnosis.  I could pick it up from her & send it to Toshiba directly to what she guessed would be a $600 bill in total & offered to part it out on ebay for me.  I agreed & resolved to share tim's computer until the end of March when we would be a bit more financially strong. (& could pay cash rather than put it on a card)

  Fast forward to yesterday: I am miserable in bed-even skipped a crop I was feeling so crappy & Tim came home from work 'after running a few errands' & surprised me w/a brand new laptop! WHOOOOOOOT my HUSBAND ROCKS!!! :)  a little retail therapy (that I didn't have to stress over, during or after) sure lifted my spirits --hehe.  He also noted that I had decided to buy an external hard drive for my 'next computer' & bought one too. Yup he listened AND acted on it! HELLO?!

I am surprised how many programs I had & relied on, on the old computer. I have managed to get almost all of my programs installed in the past 24hrs YAY! I have even transferred the pictures of the past month from the camera! progress freaking rocks! 

hopefully there will be more frequent posts.
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