Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I want to be...

Attending the funeral for Tim's Aunt Leatrice (photo taken in March on the Left) yesterday REALLY got me thinking.  And yes, it was a dangerous act on my part in a packed room, smoke produced from thinking & all ;) but I did it anyway.  Everyone talked about how sweet, thoughtful, determined, caring, hard working & always THERE for everyone she was.  She was the one that baked the cakes, she was the one they went to with worries, she was the one that set & enforced the rules, she was the one that worked thru things with them to help them solve it instead of doing it for them.   They've learned so much from her they have only begun to realize. What a legacy she has created!

Listening to the things she taught them & helped them with sure brought home the fact that things sure have changed in society.  Not necessarily for good or bad but so much faster paced, rarely do we take time to sing to & teach the words to the little ones, take the family on a horse drawn sleigh ride w/blankets, cocoa & songs, or even take time for a 75 person family dinner. TIME. She always took Time for whoever needed it. what a blessing she was to her family, altho, I am sure she looked at it in reverse, that they were a blessing to her :)

I consider myself blessed to have gotten to know a teeny tiny little sliver of her in the time I've been in the family, but that comparatively short time meant nothing to her, as I was always welcomed as I had belonged for an eternity.  I know I will wonder 'What would Aunt Leatrice do?' from time to time as I tend to the littles in my care. I want to be more patient, kind, helpful, present, & over all THERE for those who need me, when they  need me.
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