Tuesday, October 19, 2010

True confessions Tuesday

not so 'weight oriented' this week... just life confessions in general
  1. halloween candy is the devil-I can't have it in the house w/o inhaling it
  2. I have totally slacked on the fruit & veggie front
  3. I didn't run for a week & half after my last race then ran 2 nights, skipped a day, ran a day -sorta- skipped 2 days, now have today &  the next 2 to run then skip Friday for the race on Saturday
  4. I started a new book w/o finishing the other I've been reading since April :( incredibly NOT like me but I wasn't making headway so I put it down & started this one that was brought to me & am loving it-lesson learned, don't see the movie until the book is finished!
  5. I have taken a break from baking. not sure why just haven't done any. think I am back to it again.
  6. I have a list of halloween crafts to do w/the kids & keep making excuses..
  7. when I hopped on the scale mid day Sunday it LOOKED like I was up 4# from the last weigh in, but i am blaming it on the shoes & that I had been snacking all day
  8. for that reason I have avoided the early morning weigh in all week
  9. I have become the queen of half-a$$ing things.. not sure when but I just realized it this week. ugh I don't think I like it. its definately more productive than being a perfectionist & therefore avoiding doing ANYTHING for fear I won't have time/energy/creativity to do it right after all 'if you can't do it right the first time, why start it at all?'
  10. my name is Kim & I am addicted to making lists.
have a great day :)
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