Monday, October 18, 2010

The End.

of the garden that is :)  gotcha didn't I?? ;) sorry!!

the end of the tomatoes & peppers .. so sad to see them done! but I have a decent pile of green tomatoes on the counter to chop for the freezer!

 the littles picking the end of the green beans. they loved this job way more than I expected them too. I took these shots from the tomato row. Had no idea Blake was tasting the panel until I was uploading them to edit. LOL KIDS!!!

 Kids & green beans, they love to pick & snap them & will even eat a couple. Some of them will eat them all if I don't pull some out for the freezer! :) YAY!! 

just some misc shots around the garden

hoping to gather some more photos from around the house for tomorrow, maybe a craft or even show off my new mum from the farmer's market! have a great Monday!!!
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