Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

  1. sunshine- I saw on the news that this is the dryest October on record! Thank goodness!! I think we needed it to catch up w/all the rain we had in the spring & summer! bleck! but its also giving way to LOTS O SUNSHINE! yay!!
  2. full house days AND not so full days-Yesterday I was over full-packed & active house -which was awesome but exhausting :)  today I have less -back to just happy full & it almost feels like a vacation :) those awesome packed days make me appreciate the slower pace of the 'normal' days.
  3. wearing sweats to work- I love my job for many reasons but today getting to wear sweats ROCKS!
  4. clean water to drink - I do have bottled water delivered however, if I had to I could drink what comes from my tap, I just chose not to. check out this lil guy & allhe's doing to help others have clean water to drink!!!
  5. hard working husband-WOW has he been growly but its b/c he's putting in some serious hours @ work & not complaining about them, just the 'crew' he's with :) he's doing all of this so we have the extra money to pay down some bills.  Thank You!!
what are you thankful for today??
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