Tuesday, September 14, 2010

True Confessions Tuesday

  1. I skipped last week's confession
  2. unintentionally at first but then didn't make up for it
  3. my first 5k is Saturday & am running most nights
  4. but the off nights are usually just me being lazy
  5. we ate out 2x each of the past 2 weekends
  6. Sunday morning I had my first running date... we chatted more than ran but she gave me some awesome tips too
  7. I am signing up for my 3rd 5k b4 I even run my first
  8. my water intake really slacked this weekend & yday I only got 64 oz.
  9. I have been using homemade trailmix as a meal some evenings
wow ... pretty non exciting stuff this week.
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