Monday, September 13, 2010

Let the Craziness begin!!!

Seriously, I remember once upon a time, Fall was the beginning of the slow down for everyone, (or so it seemed) everything slowed down to include school, studies, a few sports/school activities, & family holiday events. Nothing like what I am feeling the past 2 yrs. it seems like Fall has it's own version of busy from Summer.  Fall to me now means: Scrap Pink organizing & hosting, weekly dart league, the beginning of monthly crops to attend, gatherings of the boating crew among homes & Halloween decorating & parties.  Not that that sounds like much but we also add 6 weeks of puppy classes this year, a farm crawl I want to attend, & other various Fall-only activities, apple picking, canning & other 'putting up' of produce. I'd also like to get back to the Des Moines farmer's Market before they all pack it in for the year, as well as, get some winterizing done round the house before winter actually hits this year.

I am embarrassingly ready for crock pot meals, chili & cinnamon rolls, less grilled food, more baked goods & cinnamon, pumpkin & apple scents filling the house.  Tho I am dreading what all of those (minus the scents of course) will do to my 'get healthy' attitude I have adopted if we don't soon find someplace inside to run when the weather turns, well, Iowa-winterlike-best for hibernating weather.  I plan to use the treadmill but I can foresee it becoming a dreadmill before long. 

This past weekend I thoroughly enjoyed getting out in the fall like weather! Saturday night we attended a bonfire get together that was ideal! sweatshirt, bonfire weather ROCKS!!  then Sunday I had my first running date. We didn't really run but I got a TON of great tips & explored a trail in town, I'd never been on & plan to use! then I got to take some lil girlie pictures outside after that! ADORABLE!!! & on that note, I will attach a few samples & quit rambling so early in the morning :)
Have a GREAT DAY!!!

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