Friday, September 10, 2010

so much

I have so much going thru my head to post I don't know where to start so I haven't posted in over a week. yikes! my bad! I wanted to post a 'good-bye August' & a 'hello September' post, I wanted to do a Labor day weekend recap post, I wanted to do a 'we are all finally settling into our school/preschool/drop in schedules' post, or what about all the baking I did yesterday? OH I know, the fact that its been FOR.EVER since I visited our local Farmer's Market & it makes me sad to think its almost over anyway :( (forever as in almost 2 weeks) how about the fact that I have been running daily this week? & that I did a 5k by chance on Wednesday night, oh yea & that I am going to get new shoes tomorrow, just for running. WOW.  oh & the girls & I are going to see Eat, Pray, love tonight weeeeeeeee. then there is the nightmares of the 5k next weekend, scrappink prep, daily childcare info & the weather.  see what I mean? 

& while I posted all of that & am ready to sleep in tomorrow, I realized on Facebook today that tomorrow is 9-11. *sigh* this touches me deeply for no personal reason other than I am American, patriotic, & have a soft spot for everything in either category.  I remember that day so well. it was an odd day that I was able to have control of the tv. I happened to be watching the Today Show when it all happened. I remember being entranced & shaken to the core that something like that would happen here, on our soil, in our free land, to US.  It then hit me shortly after that, that my brother Jeff was still in the Army Reserves & they were calling them up.  He was lucky enough to be state side his 12 months of active service & for that we are/were thankful b/c we know more than plenty of others that were/are not so lucky.  I was glued to the tv every chance I had. if I was alone in a room, war coverage was on.  I collected a ton of magazines, newspapers & printed a zillion photos off the internet to someday document this time in our lives.  I have yet to do anything w/it as there is so much.  Maybe it will be my project for scrappink. To finally pull it all out & put it together @ an event I don't have time/space/energy to obsess about it being 'perfect' maybe just done is enough for this project.  I will close today's post w/a mention of how this still touches me & makes me tearful, for the families that have lost & never found, or that lost a soldier since this horrific event or anyone else otherwise touched or effected. And to mention how proud I still am to be a patriotic American!

have a great weekend, remembering those touched please.
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