Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How do you??

over come a case of the grouchies????  I woke up pretty grumpy today. It stems from the pile is issues that moved in last night, but usuallly bymorning I am good. not so much today. I feel like I should avoid everyone today to limit the amt of heads I bite off.  If I could go back to bed, I so totally would.  I Hate me when I am like this. I tend to let it grow until 'all is lost' & 'nothing is worth any effort' & seriously fighting it already today.
  • a sweet, sweet man passed away yesterday after having a stroke on Saturday. I will miss him.
  • my childcare dishwasher is officially broken. I have a lead on a replacement part just have to follow thru.
  • our bank changed computer systems & I haven't figured out how to know what is available & when.
  • Gus gets up 2x every night, 12 & 3. Shouldn't be a big deal, we've been doing this for a while, but now that I have kids coming @5 I need to be getting back up to stay @4ish & that just isn't happening :(
  • my pile of produce is looking overwhelming-I need to try to do something w/some of it today, which really isn't that appealing w/o the d/w running.
Getting whiney. signing off. looking for some positive to pull me out of the funky grumpies & give Debbie Downer da' boot!
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