Monday, August 30, 2010

Good Morning!!

Well, it is now anyway. I started the day roughly @4AM hitting snooze on my alarm clock.  UGH that is tooo early for me when I get up 2x in the night w/Gus... but its the new Me w/this new family.  So I might as well quit resisting & just accept it. might even have to start going to bed before 10PM. that will be new!!!  so I finally gave in & got up @4:30 so I should just change the alarm to that time for tomorrow. I woke w/a headache to start w/. NOT cool on a Monday! :(  but I had breakfast w/some ibuprofen & am feeling MUCH better!! 

I took Sewing 101 yesterday @ Prairieland Herbs (PLH) w/Abby Glann & Sarah Reid.  they are absolutely adorable & incredibly REAL!  I have been having mixed feelings about getting out of my little box of safety, meeting people & exploring new interests makes me nervous!  but I did it & I will continue to!! :) I just can't emphasize how real they are!! We made aprons! weeeeeee I am in love w/aprons.. cobbler aprons that were my great great aunt's, my great gma's, I bought a tie apron @ the fm a couple of yrs ago (or was that just last summer?) & now ones I can make!! wow!!!  how fun! here we are in all of our newly sewing apron glory :)
btw, they were cut from SHEETS! yay! So now I am ready to start tearing things apart & making them into other things :)  loook out!!! nothing is safe ;)  already on my to do list for winter are: curtains for almost every room in the house, dressing up the boring shower curtain upstairs, pillow case dress for myself,  making one or more of my favorite shirts that no longer fits-fit again, a new dust ruffle for our bed, & numerous things for the childcare!! :) they were talking about a skirt making class when we left so SIGN ME UP!! :)

Tell me, what does it take to get you out of your safety box? for me it was learning to be more self reliant, freezer jam class & sewing 101 so far!
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