Monday, September 20, 2010


something I never thought would be anywhere close to  my bucket list, has been checked off! Hello, I did my first 5k on Saturday & am ready to sign up for another in 2 weeks. :) I finished my first in 34:something. much better than any of my practice runs.  I am pretty happy about that especially since I had to stop & walk twice.  & then the only soreness I had on Sunday was my back & I am blaming the cool/dampness for that as I kept catching myself w/my 'shoulders around my ears' & consiously relaxing my back/shoulders/neck. but obviously I was more tense than not :)

what a crazy rollar coaster weekend!!  6 y/o bday party, Grand parents' anniversary, funeral visitation for a man leaving way too early & a fundraiser for a 5 y/o girl diagnosed w/bcell luekemia. Wow. Glad I had the run to let some of this out of my brain.  I definately used yesterday's outing to release some too.

not a single photo from the entire weekend! Wow.
This week is another busy one. puppy class, dart league, scrap pink prep, scrap pink set up, scrap pink event.  Wishing you & yours a good one!!!
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