Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random Thoughts.

Wow... ScrapPink is over. The food was great, the door prizes plenty, the game prizes desirable, company drama-free, and we were able to donate $750 to the Susan G. Komen foundation! NICE!! I have even unpacked, sorted thru & repacked everything, now to get the single pink tote carried to my room for storage for the next 11 months.

Next up... local fun walk/run. This Saturday, north parking lot of the Clarke County Hospital sponsored by the Physical Therapy dept.  Registration is simply a donation the food pantry & shirts are available for $5. No excuse not to enter.  :) 

Camera? what camera? I haven't used my camera since Labor Day weekend I think. YIKES. I am really hoping to put Tim in charge of it & get some shots of this race. Also hoping to spend the day w/him on a semi-local farm crawl snapping photos there too. Never been? me either. Hoping to get to go this year!

Weigh-in Wednesday: pleasantly surprised to see I was able to maintain the loss while cramming that last 2 weeks of ScrapPink prep in as well as the event where I feel like I ate constantly! oh yea & had a daily cocktail :)

Farmer's Market: Oh how I miss thee!!!  going to stop in to see you after my race on Saturday! have to get those Christmas gift orders picked up! & need some pumpkins for the front step!! :)

Running in General: I ran last night.. the whole 34 minutes. OUCH -the knee was not happy. still is a lil sore this morning. going to be using the Muscle soak lotion ALOT today.  before that I had just done a mile on the treadmill Sunday morning before the crop for an energy boost. BEFORE THAT, it had been a week to the day of a full run. yikes. not a good plan! back to it, have to run again tonight & tomorrow to take Friday night off. wonder if I would be considered obsessive if I venture to the race route & check it out... hmmmm maybe I can get Tim to walk it w/me Friday night???

Today will be a hoppin' day! full house w/lots of itty bitties = no productivity, but lots of floor time which should make the knee a bit happier.
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