Monday, October 4, 2010

Well Hello Fall!

you've come on like gang busters in these parts!  I could not believe there was frost on the cars this morning!  I know its October & all but dang, it still seems too early for frost.  I love the change of seasons & know I would never be happy living anywhere there wasn't such a thing.   I am hoping w/the new month, new season & new attitude I will be able to get back to blogging regularly. to start off this roll of hopeful productivity, I will post the weekend recap:

Friday night I had a chiro consult appt w/a new chiro.  So he did xrays, scan & showed me the screen. WOW my spine is jacked up!! even asked when I broke my back... have a fractured vert in my upper back EEK. I LIKE HIM! He is a big fan of prevention & believing that everything is controlled by a vert or 2 :) Might even get him talked into renewing his acupuncture license for Iowa (has it for KS) So I got 4 adjustments on my back, one on my neck & both feet done, from there I came home & took the dogs for a walk while Tim mowed @ the other property, caught up w/neighbors then we went out for Mexican for supper :)

Saturday: got to the fun run way early :)  Glad I did, I was able to burn alot of nervous energy chatting w/a classmate from high school about possibly moving her 4y/o to my child care & generally catching up w/her. Then the race was on. I felt great minus running into the wind on all of the turn-arounds. couldn't believe how let down I felt when I found out @ the take off that it was untimed, then AFTERWARD that it wasn't an actual 5k (so I came home & mapped it). Almost asked 'what's the point?' oh well, its done & I got a t-shirt LOL From there I went to the farmer's market: scored 4 turks turban squash(decoration for now, edible veggie later), lettuce, 4 -1/2 pts pumpkin butter (pumpkin pie in a jar-heavenly), fresh soft pretzels, 2 -1/2 pts wild plum jam, a spagetti squash(wish me luck, its my first), 2 green peppers, & tasted some scrumptious green tomato raspberry jam OMG-hope she makes more! Then dropped off some scrap goods, paid for my boy scout wreath, & headed home starving! Tim was headed home from returning the mower so we went from here to the bank & then grocery shopping. I made a homemade pizza for lunch & cleaned the kitchen upstairs so I could justify going w/Mom to Creston to the scrap store :) Halloween is officially the next book I work on! I have enough supplies for a while (tho I only spent $10)  Then we picked up my shirt @ the YMCA from that run 2 weeks ago & came home to watch Crank 2 & gorge on junk food all night :(

Sunday I slept in :) slowly got around, happy to report NO post-race-soreness this time!! :D watched The back up Plan & a Dexter episode while resisting the urge to be a brat since I was facing some resistance in attending the Farm Crawl. Had it just been resistance w/some free reign, I'd have found someone to go w/me or go it alone, but it was resistance coupled w/some guilt trip for being gone every weekend lately, so I bummed around home all day. Pulled all my plants from the deck, rehoming them to the bathtub, kitchen & bath sinks for nice warm drinks & will find winter homes for them around the house today-some are going to NEW homes as one person really doesn't need 5 pots of the same plant :) Tim mowed this yard & put cheese burger soup on the crockpot YUMM while he worked on his new work truck w/the neighbor we bought it from (LOL) I made cornbread to go w/it & started the laundry for today. We walked the dogs, watched The Losers then I moved the lil tv back to my room & sorted thru piles of scrap supplies while I watched DH & B&S. I am no longer allowed to buy christmas or camping/boating paper for A LONG LONG LONG TIME!!! I have a pizza box full of each! (thanks Jo!)

Over all, a good weekend even if I 'didn't get my way' :) he did promise to go willingly to a pumpkin patch next weekend that's near the shooting range he needs to sight his gun in on. hmmmmm makes total sence to me :P   again, no pictures from the weekend! wow.

Today there is no school or preschool here in town, so we have a nice mix of ages here.  I love that my bigs love to play school, bus & field trip w/the littles & the itty bitties entertain themselves! I just might get to spray paint that wreath I bought a few weeks ago! 
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