Friday, August 6, 2010


its been a busy week but nothing really to write about .. summer is closing up & I am having mixed emotions!! I am not ready to be done w/all of our outside activities, I don't feel we got enough in, went to enough parks, or had enough picnics :( we may just have to schedule more than one activity each week for the next 2. :)  today is our last official field trip friday event... the vet clinic!! yay!! then we are going to a little city park that's reallly nice & almost new -my only complaint is no potties :( boo! 8 kids & no potties..not cool numbers!

personally, I have a ton to report!!! 

I am in full on ScrapPink organization mode!! whohoooooooooo  registrations are out & coming back in YIKES!  I need to get on some prize donations now!!  The Tshirt guy is working on a print for us-love having original shirts for our events!!

I have created a team & registered for my Second 5k in October! YIKES!! Come join my team & if you can't, please donate to the cause :) (My team will have both walkers & runners on it) I walked it last year & it is a very cool experience. I was humbled by being passed by running cancer survivors when I was walking w/no excuse other than being lazy & unfit to run. This year I am running!

I have located, printed & shared today the registration for my First 5k for September! AHHHHHHHHH now to send it in so I can't chicken out! :)  I am hoping to ease my mind a bit by going over & running the course b4 the race.. is that cheating or being prepared? maybe I should find out first! eeek.

I am back in QRS prep! I think all I need to do is find some quiet time HA & go thru my paperwork. I better get on it.. it takes a while to get our stipend back & that's what I plan to use for Christmas shopping money.

I did w6d1 of the c25k program Wednesday night & will do d2 over the weekend.  I think it might be contagious as Tim did w1d1 then w2d1 unintentionally.. somehow he didn't know how to run my mp3 player & did both of them back to back LOL the goof!  I was involved in my dvr'd shows so I didn't notice he was running longer than he should have. 

Yup.. personally, I have been & plan to be B.U.S.Y.  I guess maybe, I have taken this summer for childcare kind of slow to make up for the busy mind & evenings?   Right now its time for breakfast & picnic prep!! Have a great day & weekend everyone!!!
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