Monday, July 26, 2010

a weekend report:

it may have started out rough:

we threw stuff together like we weren't planning to go

we left later than usual

we went to a different lake than our normal

we didn't have the whole crew

we got POURED on most of Friday evening

we had to go to town @9 for supper

& dumped a ton of money on a meal we weren't planning to

we (I) misinterpreted the coverage of the rainfly & had a wet air mattress when we got back

we lived thru some nasty winds thru the night

but turned out fabulous:
  • I did my w4d2 run Saturday morning around the camp ground
  • we were joined by 2 families Saturday
  • and 1 on Sunday
  • we had gorgeous weather both days
  • tried 2 new recipes in Hupp & Lauren's new dutch oven
  • no one sick
  • no one  got hurt
  • the water was amazing
  • sammy swam (in his lifejacket of course) & boated like a champ
  • we were home @ a decent time Sunday
  • everything was unloaded & unpacked b4 8pm Sunday
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