Tuesday, July 27, 2010

true confessions tuesday

Funny how everytime I considered doing or eating or NOT doing something, I thought, "I will have to remember this for Tuesday" LOL but now I am @ a loss so I will just wing it w/another list-sick of reading my blog in list form yet? please tell me when you do & I will start forming real live sentences again :) listing is just much easier & quicker & this summer my blogging time is shorter than in the winter.

ANYWAY: back to the subject @ hand: confessions...
  • mcdonalds stop on the way home from the lake Sunday= caramel iced coffee,  french fries & crispy ranch chicken wrap
  • Friday's unexpected supper out= bloody mary (YUMM & totally worth it!), questionable salad bar, grilled chicken baked potato topped w/only grilled onions
  • Saturday breakfast (after run)=bacon, scrambled egg w/onion & peppers on brown sugar & cinn toast & chocolate milk
  • Saturday on the lake snack=1/2 bag of sweet & salty honey something or other chex mix (extremely addicting)
  • Sunday @ home=3 lil debbie oatmeal cream pies that didn't get eaten while camping
  • Monday morning=leftover iced coffee for boost
  • other than my weekend, my eating habits are back on a healthy track!
  • I have a friend that gave me a work out to do on my non running days. BUT I AM AFRAID OF IT.
  • I might have to dip into the iced tea this afternoon for a spash of caffeine :(
  • I am going to try the new work out this evening -after the caffeine
  • I am selfishly wanting to see another drop in weight tomorrow even tho my pattern is 2-3 weeks of maintain, then a drop
  • I was frustrated I couldn't get back into ALL of last summer's clothes even tho I am slowly getting into some
  • almost even threw a temper tantrum
  • then chewed myself out for not being happy enough @ getting to pull 2 pr of shorts out of the bag
ok.. there you have it... give me your confessions!! :)
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