Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I can post today!! Thanks blogger!! it wasn't letting me get this far yesterday :S so much in my head today going to attempt to organize it w/a list:
  • Seriously pumped about our childcare Friday events this summer!!! something every Friday June 18-August 6!!!! ROCK ON!!! movie, fire station, farmer's market, animal shelter, vet clinic, train depot, conservation board, nurse consultant, even another provider's home for 4th of July craft!! GET OUT!!
  • Today is the first official day of Summer Vacation! Whohoooooooo it started w/a pretty big thunderstorm & an inch of rain! LOL welcome to Iowa twenty-ten.
  • I have childcare 'baby training' & dinner tonight, food training in Creston on the 22nd, need to go thru my QRS paperwork & see what needs done to turn in by 7/1
  • helpers start tomorrow
  • My body teased me w/a weigh in on Sunday that made me squeal. of course I gained it back in the past couple of days but hope to work it back off this week!
  • I did 42 wii fit minutes + 2 new 10 minute target workouts on Sunday.. LOVE them!!!
  • Have to miss the Farmer's Market tonight :(
now time for True Confessions:
  1. living on water & string cheese last week helped the scale look good
  2. but it threw my body into starvation mode & it stored what i ate on Sunday & I gained 3# back
  3. at least that is my interpretation of the scale roller coaster I am on
  4. I am still under my #5 button  :)
  5. seeing that new number on the scale lit a fire I haven't had for a long time!
  6. it was 1# shy of a 10# button!!
  7. I was even too tired to eat all of my supper last night
  8. then totally sabotaged everything by napping on the couch after supper for 2 hrs! 
  9. boo!
  10. today its raining cats & dogs already
  11. so there will be no outside time *sigh*
  12. yoga for kids & maybe a 10 minute session or 2
  13. depending on how cooperative the kids are...
  14. it is their first day of summer vacay after all!!
what are your confessions?? be honest! :)
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