Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hump Day!

means we are over the hump on our way to the weekend!! :) yahooooooooooo

Had a good educational training last night!!  SIDS, PURPLE crying, & Shaken baby Syndrome. all things we can't learn enough about!! then ended the night w/GREAT give aways :) that always makes for a good training.

today was weigh in day @ the 'hood & I have to say I stayed the same or gained one. I have yo-yo'd alot the past week & don't remember exactly what last week's weigh in weight was.  With last week's eating issues, I was down to a new set of numbers I haven't seen in MONTHS then w/in a couple of days I was back up to where I am now. but it totally inspired me to get my hiney moving & get back down there for REALS!!!

Today is a busy day for our child care!!  briefly its like this: breakfast x2, Shrek @ the local theater, back for lunch, lay down for a movie/quiet time, send bigs w/helper to library on trolley for craft time, snack when they get back + littles get up & then starts the end of the day. *whew* going to need a work out tonight!!!

time to get breakfast started! off & running!!! :)  have a great day!
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