Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday that Feels Like Monday

what a fabulous long weekend!!! love spending time with our boating group! I believe we officially kicked off summer :)  it was a great time boating, swimming, cooking on the campfire, laughing-oh so much laughing!!

It was a great weekend, however, I do have some confessions:
  • I did NOT get 64 oz of water any of the days F-M :(
  • I did get 3-5 beers daily, I so wish that counted!
  • I did NOT get 5f/v daily nor any dairy the entire weekend
  • I did walk 2 miles/day -to & from the shower house
  • I did have achiness in my quads enough to justify counting the daily time in the water as exercise
  • I did gorge myself on chips & dip 2x over the weekend
  • I did have smores more than one night
  • I usually ate supper after 7 pm
  • I did not do yoga as planned -forgot the mat @ home
  • I was so wiped out yday that after the truck was unloaded, perishables were put away, the laundry thrown to the bottom of the stairs & dog settled, I crashed!  2  naps in 5 hrs. seriously not sure how I slept all night. = no exercise
UGH no wonder I gained a pound!*sigh* back on track!!!
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