Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

(even tho it doesn't feel like it should be already YAY!!!) 

WOW last night was a crazy weather night for southern Iowa! storms, wind, rain, tornados oh my! luckily our area just had the first 3 :)  I slept like a rock all night long YAY! still tired today but fighting it w/some caffeine.  @ this point..whatever works!

hmmm still getting used to the new blogspot set up & tried to upload photos yday but only one took of the 6 or 8 I thought I had going. hmmmm will try again.  welllllllll looks like I am slowly getting it figured out!! YAY!

today is going to be a busy day involving my QRS for twenty-ten :) Kelly, nurse consultant & Dawn, QRS consultant are both stopping by. 

OH & its Weigh in Wednesday @ the 'hood & I remembered to hop on the scale first thing & I dropped that weekend pound PLUS another!! whohoooooooooo NOW to get this mouth healed up so I can get back on track w/eating right & getting my water (too many potato chips tore up the roof of my mouth this weekend making anything & everything painful)

I skipped the dreadmill last night.  My excuse is that I was exhausted & barely held my eyes open till 9 to try to catch up on the 400 blogs I got behind on over the weekend. hoping to get back on it tonight!!  I did however get the kids out for our mile walk in the morning as well as made guacamole for supper so I got both challenges for the fb group! (exercise + fresh f/v daily)

SOOOOOOOO how are you doing on those summer time goals? 
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