Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hump Day=Helper Day :)

I am looking fwd to having that second set of hands, eyes & ears today!
I am looking fwd to getting to go for a walk-if the stroller isn't too wet from the rain overnight.
I am looking fwd to going thru the camping things tonight to get ready for the weekend.
I am looking fwd to trying my hand @ juicing berries for jam.
I am looking fwd to the Craft Day @ East Lake Park on Friday.
I am looking fwd to the weekend @ the lake.

I didn't even think about getting on the scale today.
I just totally forgot. Definately not intentional. but thankful I did not sure I could handle weighing in today the way I feel.
I had a good training last night on getting more fruits & veggies in the KIDS' diets. perfect timing for my life!
I think I am doing a good job of juggling the summer school, swim lessons, alternating parent visits,  along w/all of our childcare activities so far but we are only a month into summer vacation.
I am sick of the rain! hoping for a puddle stomping walk this morning!!

how about some father's day pics..
Sammy's first outing w/my family.
the boys 'haulin hay'.
 Mattie 'leading' Lady.
            Deep convers- ations.
old toys made new from a garage sale.
     cups w/name plates! loooove

croquet anyone??
mmmmmm chicken & shrimp on the fire!

Great night w/family!!!
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