Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Summer List

:) You all know by now how much I love a good list ... the feeling of accomplishment when I check things off *contented sigh* So when I read Rachel's fun list this morning over @ Smile and Wave I just couldn't resist making one of my own.

  1. make seedless raspberry jam-berries are picked-1/2 way there :)
  2. can veggies from our garden -if it ever stops raining so they can grow
  3. take the kids on an outing every Friday
  4. take some time @ the water's edge to chill -hoping this will be a beach @ the lake but since they are all underwater I'll take a quiet boat ramp, I try not to be picky
  5. hit up a zoo- Rachel reminded me that we haven't been in SO LONG & we used to love a good zoo
  6. keep taking pictures-I have unintentionally stopped or at least slowed to a crawl since I haven't been scrapping
  7. have coffee on the deck-this would mean getting up before Tim is rearing to hit the road on whatever our plans are on a home weekend
  8. get better about getting the paper recycling out- the plastic & tin I rock every other week on curb pick up, the paper: not so much (the glass and cardboard go to the recycling dumpster)
  9. read on the deck @dusk-meaning quit running around before 9pm
  10. enjoy the camping weekends away -use them to recharge for the next week
  11. host my family 4th of July dinner after the parade -even if it is on the 5th :)
WOW oddly I had to struggle to get 11 fun things & not ones that would look like chores. (& some are questionable but at least they are easy)  hmmmm time to think about fun instead of all work :) 

what are your fun goals for the summer??
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