Monday, May 3, 2010

Whata weekend!!

not quite ready for Monday but since I don't have a choice here we go!! :)

here are photos of Philip on Saturday. He is recovering @ warp speed! the only complaint he had yesterday morning was they were waking him every 1.5 hr for more meds & he wasn't in pain until they administered them. poor guy!

we spent the weekend busy busy busy... Saturday we did the Des Moines Farmer's Market, visited Philip in the hospital, got me these shoes, picked up an arbor for the wisteria vine, & finished cleaning the vinyl in the boat & it is now lake ready :) Sunday we spent outside!! Tim painted the end of the house where the chimney was removed, I worked on this gate for a new flower bed, painted a chair & picture frame, he mowed the Ayers Lot, we installed the arbor & we helped Gus thru a long seizure. He used to have seizures quite a bit, then we put him back on his boring treats & he quit. Well, he had one yesterday, the first in 5 yrs & it was long & horrible. but w/in an hr & half after, he was back to normal. We even attempted to take him on our normal walk but we got rained out.
So here's to a more laid back, relaxing sorta day :)
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